Role of Sleeping and Relaxing in Losing Weight

Sleeping is a necessity that everyone needs to have adequate amount of in order to have a functional body. Sleeping is also integral if you are trying to lose weight.

A lot of people are unaware that sleeping plays a huge part in losing weight so they don’t really make it a habit of getting enough of it. The amount of sleep is also an important part that you have to account for. Getting too much sleep can also affect your weight loss so it’s important that you get just enough and that you get good quality sleep.

Losing weight should not be limited to exercise and diet. Resting and your body’s recovery should be of importance also. Getting less or too much of the three can have an adverse effect on your weight loss program.

How can less sleep affect your weight?

Well, getting less sleep means your body will not fully recover from the previous day so today, you might feel tired, fatigued or lethargic. These can all lead to less physical activity so calories are not burned off properly to lose or maintain weight and this results in weight gain.

Another effect of not getting enough sleep has to do with your health. Growth hormone is essential in losing weight. If you are not getting enough sleep, your body becomes resistant to insulin. A rise in insulin levels results in your body not producing enough growth hormone.

Lastly, not getting enough sleep can increase your appetite. You will feel hungry most of the day and if you are not able to control yourself, you just might eat more than you intended and because you lack sleep, you might not have the energy to do some workout to burn those extra calories.

How much sleep should you get?

For adults, sleeping between 7-9 hours a day is ideal and recommended. Any less is not recommended as it can result in weight problems.

Tips to get quality sleep

Sleeping by itself is not enough. You need quality sleep. Sleeping that allows you to enter REM is the best kind of sleep and the one that you should be aiming to get every night.

Here are some tips:

Get a good quality mattress/bed. A good mattress can highly affect the quality of your sleep. If your mattress is not up to par or it is damaged(sagging), it can hinder your ability to get quality sleep.

There are a lot of great mattresses out there to choose from. You can buy online or if you are not comfortable with buying an expensive item online, you could check out some local stores in your area. However, some of the best mattresses that I ever had was bought online so I urge you to at least check them out. My latest mattress has been very good and one tip for online shoppers is that you should always read mattress reviews. Here is an example of a mattress review site that can help you decide:

Make your room a sleep only room. This means getting rid of anything that can distract you from sleeping. If there are less things that can distract you, the easier for you to fall asleep without distraction. Things that can distract you include the TV, computers/laptops, phone/tablet and even books.

Daytime naps should be kept at a minimum. If you take long naps, your evening sleep will be affected. If you must take a nap, make it short so that you won’t have trouble falling asleep come nighttime.

Eating or drinking before going to sleep is discouraged. You should not go to bed feeling hungry but you should also never go to sleep stuffed. You should eat at least 2 hours before sleeping so that your stomach won’t be grumbling before retiring. Also, eating at least 2 hours mean that most of the food has been digested so you are not stuffed.

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